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Scott F. Butler

Scott is a compliance veteran who secured regulatory clearance for the first major social network to introduce regulated payments to their platform (Facebook/Meta). He established secure, compliant payment channels for the world’s first metaverse (“Second Life” via Tilia) and launched the first regulated financial institution that is purpose-built for 21st century digital economies (“PTI”). Scott is CAMS-FCI and CFE certified.

Bina Motiram
VP Digital Assets, Reporting and Operations

Bina is a finance and operations veteran who successfully launched two companies from start-up to IPO. She excels at creating seamless, automated financial and operational functions within complex blockchain environments, with regulatory and reporting requirements always top of mind.

Michael Wang
General Counsel

Drawing on experience from working at large financial institutions (State Street, LPL Financial) and technology providers (Experian Data Quality), Michael provides regulatory guidance and leads commercial negotiations for PTI. Michael graduated from Pepperdine University and Boston University School of Law and is CAMS-certified.

James Kwon
Controller and Treasurer

James is an experienced finance and accounting professional who brings Big 4 accounting experience from KPMG combined with an array of industry expertise including SEC reporting, M&A and technical accounting from a Fortune 10 company and operational accounting, financial systems and internal controls from private companies.

Ryan Duvall
Chief Compliance Officer

Ryan is a financial services veteran leveraging experience with regulatory compliance across multiple organization types, ranging from global systemically important banks to start-ups. He is committed to building the bridge between traditional financial services and the new digital age. Recently, Ryan has focused on championing the promise of Web 3.0 and bringing seamless, compliant, and performant financial services in either fiat or virtual currencies.

Andy Seul
Chief Information Security Officer

Andy brings over two decades of comprehensive experience in Information Technology and Information Security to his role at PTI. Throughout his distinguished career, Andy has made significant contributions to various sectors, including early gaming industries (3DO), SaaS providers (Callidus Software), and Mobile Gaming (Kabam), where he held the esteemed position of Vice President of IT. Most recently, Andy assumed responsibility for establishing the IT and SecOps frameworks for Forte, Inc. (, a pioneering force in the blockchain industry, as well as for Rally Networks, Inc. (, a prominent social media and creator crypto platform.

Alexandre Begin
Head of Engineering

Alexandre is a pragmatic and experienced developer that loves efficiency and excels at problem-solving. Worked in leadership roles for several successful startups like Aptology and Instantly. Also has major experience in the enterprise world.

Melissa Marigmen
Director of Compliance

Melissa is a financial crime expert with over 10 years of industry experience in fraud and compliance. She began her career at Linden Lab where she was a founding Compliance team member building the compliance framework around Second Life’s virtual token, and worked toward launching Tilia, Linden Lab’s regulated payments entity. After Tilia, Melissa joined Ripple where she spent close to four years in a fundamental role managing its Investigations Program and deepening her knowledge of virtual assets and blockchain technology.

Farzana Muhammad
Fraud Manager

Farzana is an experienced Fraud and Risk Operations Manager with a decade of experience in the payments industry. She specializes in mitigating risk for traditional and non-traditional products, ensuring financial integrity, and reducing credit card losses by over $1M through effective procedures and collaboration with law enforcement. Farzana has a proven track record of success in identifying suspicious transactions and preventing fraud.

Cristina Pedroza
KYC and Digital Identity manager

Cristina is a regulatory compliance expert with a wealth of experience in the regulated payment industry where they have showcased an unwavering commitment to utilizing identity verification and KYC (Know Your Customer) expertise, ensuring the establishment of a secure and fully compliant marketplace at Mercari US. The company’s efforts have been instrumental in crafting a trusted environment that places safety and compliance at the forefront. Cristina is CAMS-FCI certified.